Instant Gratification- the disease that destroys

I read this and thought it worth passing on and adding a few thoughts.

One Habit Every Child Must Learn By Steve Kroening

If you want to save your children a lot of pain and suffering as they grow up, there's one habit they must learn. This habit will help them avoid financial problems, many relational problems, and a large number of health problems. But it will do a lot more than help them avoid problems. It will also help them become far more successful in their occupation and relationships.

What one habit can possibly do all this? It is called delayed gratification. Unfortunately, not many people today understand what this is or how to make it a habit. Delayed gratification is the opposite of instant gratification. Most of us know exactly what that is. Our society is built on instant gratification. Advertising demands you make a decision right now. Restaurants have drive-thrus so you don't have to wait. And even our fireplaces light up with the push of a button. No more kindling, logs, and matches.

Not that all of these things are bad. Some are wonderful. But it's so difficult to know when it's best to gratify ourselves and when not to. We get sucked into the world so easily that we don't even realize it until we're in debt, alone, and dying from a preventable disease.

Unfortunately, delaying gratification is a habit that's completely foreign to children. They're born demanding what they want. And they learn early to cry and even scream when they don't get it. And today, few of them are taught to do otherwise. So most adults expect instant satisfaction of all their wants.

The earlier you can train your children to delay spending money on what they want, eating what tastes good but has no nutritional value, and adopting habits that may feel good but don't benefit the mind (video games), body (such as smoking), or soul (sin), the better off they'll be as they grow up.

* Steve Kroening is a freelance writer for Success magazine and also publishes Wisdom's Edge, a free e-zine with Biblical tips for finance, health, relationships, and success. Sign up at

What habits have you developed around instant gratification? Credit Cards? Do you get angry quickly because something did not go your way? Do you run red lights so you don't have to wait the two minutes for the light to change? Do you get mad at your computer for how long it takes to boot up?

Are you contemplating going further with your boyfriend or girlfriend because you just don't want to wait until you are married. You think "No one does that."

If any of these answers are "Yes," a check up on your life is greatly needed. I suspect relationships might be in danger of becoming shallow or stressed. I suspect there are other issues to that are gnawing at you. Some instant gratification decisions are life changing... for the worst. You can't retrieve what you have lost. You can't give back the disease. You can't take back hateful words.

The root cause is lack of patience and a belief that life is not satisfying unless you get everything you want, NOW.


Ecclesiastes 7:8
The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.

Galatians 5:22
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

Ask God to give you self-control and patience. Ask Him to help you see beyond the moment. Ask for wisdom to see bad side of the decision you are about to make.

Ask yourself "Do I really need this? Will my life really be better?" Ask your child the same question.


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