Making Time Count

Making Time Count

Some people count their time. Others make their time count!!!

Let's look at five ways to make your time count.

1. Love people and use money. Love may not make the world go 'round, but it sure makes the ride worthwhile! All of us should do a better job of embracing our most important relationships. Yet, some of us are too focused on making money rather than on developing long lasting, loving relationships. It was once said that money is a terrible master, but it is an excellent servant. Put people and money in the proper perspective.

2. Celebrate the "present time" in your life. Stay in the "here and now." Another way of stating this is "You should enjoy the journey not just the destination." Don't miss out on the positive, meaningful aspects of your daily life. Enjoy meeting those new customers. Celebrate your family's victories during the week.

3. Forgive and forget the past. All of us have regrets in our lives. However, we should avoid negative self-talk of "I should have.." or "If only I would have...." These waste a lot of time. Use the FIMO method to combat this: Forget It, Move Onward. Yesterday really did end last night. Today is a new day --- made especially for you!

4. Find your motivation. We are all motivated, both positively and negatively. Find your positive motivation. One definition of motivation is "a motive for action." Find your motive to take action on you, your family, your hobby, etc. Invest your time in those things that are important to you.

5. Invest in yourself! You are the greatest asset you possess. In life, successful people never graduate from learning in all 7 areas of their life: marriage/family, career, finances, health, social/cultural, spiritual/ethical, mental/educational. Therefore, you must invest in yourself. Personal growth precedes professional growth. Invest more in yourself than you do in your career.

Well, there you have it. Each of these five ways will make your time count.


Ecclesiastes 3:1

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven."

Everyone's life has a season from youth to maturity, from school to career, from singleness to marriage, from kids to empty-nesters, from low earning capacity to high earning capacity. Where are you in this season? Have you completed a season and it is now for a time of change? Do you have a plan for the change? Do you have a plan that goes beyond yourself?

Everyone has a dream, a God given vision of how to make a difference in their life and in other people's life. Is now the time for you to stop procrastinating and start pursuing your dream?

Is there something in your life that now is the time for you to begin doing but you need to stop doing something else first?

How do you treat time? Do you make it count for God's use or do you just count time from your own perspective?

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