Positive Influence

Positive Influence

What type of influence are you? Life leaders do things with a consciousness that others may be watching. No one is an island; what we do influences others as well as others influencing us. The average person makes decisions only from their perspective "What is best for me." You see that attitude in the way people drive, especially when they run a red light. Their only concern is for themself, not for any other driver. Life leaders have a consciousness that includes other people. Life leaders live their life with a positive influence. There is an insurance commercial currently running that shows a person helping another and how it affects an onlooker. The onlooker then helps another person in traffic and that person helps someone who has fallen. You get the picture; these people are seeing a positive example and are then being one themselves. The insurance company calls that lifestyle "responsibility." I call it good character - putting others before yourself. Well in your own actions, you need to consider how my actions will influence another. I remember what we were taught in a parenting class "More is caught than taught." Your kids will mimic what they see over what you teach them.

A life leader not only teaches good values, he/she lives them. Be a positive influence today!


Romans 12:10 says "Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves."

Honoring other people can be in how you act e.g. the things you do that influence other people. Again, this implies that no one is an island and relates to your speech, driving, your organization or lack of it, even your health. If you are devoted to your family, you will live a healthy life for two reasons: 1) you need to be healthy to take care of them and 2) they will model the lifestyle you lead - poor health or good health.

If you are a boss, are you being a good influence in the way you manage your employees? Are you showing them honor by giving them proper recognition? Are you reprimanding them with dignity or do you just "chew" them out?

Are you a person who struggles with anger? Brotherly love says I treat others like I want to be treated and I act with a consciousness that others are watching.

Do you encourage your spouse in front of your children or do you say negative things?


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