The Power of Goals - Endurance

The Power of Goals - Endurance

This is a 3rd part in my mini series on endurance.

This January I set a goal to run three miles. For some that may be easy and for others that may be quite a feat. For me, it was stretching me a whole mile. I have muscle problems and have worked up to running 2 miles with moderate discomfort, but running three was going to be hard.

The value of a written goal

I had written this goal down and had actually reviewed it the day before I ran. I told myself "Oh, well, I guess I won't achieve that goal in January. Maybe I can do 2.5 miles this week and work up to three in February."

I went for a run the next day. The first mile was stiff as usual but the second mile was "Ok" but not easy. As I neared the end of the second mile, my mind remembered the written goal of 3 miles. I told myself, "I am feeling pretty good, let's see if I can do another mile." That next mile hurt, but I kept my mind on that written goal and that I wanted to complete it in January, not find some excuse to postpone the accomplishment because it was hard.

The power of having a written goal gives endurance. It helps you go beyond what is just comfortable. A written goal calls forth the extra effort deep inside you.

A written goal maybe in your marriage "Until death do us part" so you stick it out and work through your hard times. Instead of getting a divorce, you remind yourself of the written goal and the pledge on your finger and you go get counseling, ask forgiveness or forgive your spouse.

Learning to save and get out of debt when you have bad habits requires endurance; saying "No" to yourself. Write down what you want to accomplish and when you want to have it complete.

To give that extra effort, to go the extra mile, to withstand the hard times, to have endurance, requires that a person has a vision, a hope, a purpose, a reason for living beyond the now/today. Endurance comes when we are future focused and work toward the future.

Living for today causes laziness

If all we do is live for the moment and allow circumstances to control us, we will give in to the least of pressure. When times just begin to get tough, we will cry for deliverance or cry that we are a victim instead of having endurance.

A perfect example of this is that Americans have given up freedom for the government to take care of them. They have allowed corrupt politicians to stay in office because the politician promises to take care of them in hard times. We are being taxed more to have others provide for us instead of every American assuming the responsibility of providing for himself or herself. Life requires endurance. To have endurance, you need goals and a focus on the future.

Teach your kids these truths. It is better to be taught these than have to learn them the hard way.


I Thessalonians 1:3 "We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ."

The Thessalonian Christians had endurance. Life was not easy for them living in a pagan society that persecuted Christians. They had endurance for they had a goal and a hope. Their hope was in Christ.

Where is your hope placed? Mine is placed in Christ.

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