What is Life Leadership?

The name of the newsletter is to ask a question and motivate people to change. Are you leading in life or is life leading you? (If it is leading you, then it is typically by the nose.) Are you a "wondering generality" that lets circumstances control you or are you leading in your life? Do you consciously work on continuous improvement in your life in the areas of: faith, marriage, children, work, health, finances, social relationships, community? You get the picture. Life Leadership is telling yourself "If I am not moving forward then I am moving backward," and then works to keep yourself moving forward. Life Leadership takes the attitude of "Do it now!" You cannot say to yourself "I'll begin tomorrow" for that attitude is one of procrastination and an attitude of "I let circumstances, others, etc. dictate what commands my time, energy, relationships, etc." Life Leadership says "I am a giver, not a taker." You see Life Leaders getting involved in other people's lives. You see Life Leaders caring for their wives or husbands. You see Life Leaders making a difference. Life Leaders face difficult circumstances with a positive attitude always looking for the best. Life Leaders trust others. Life Leaders are not sedentary, they are active. Life leaders have faith.


People being led by life are like a river just "going with flow." Unfortunately, the flow leads them anywhere. And as we know, most water runs downriver and then into the sea. People being led by life focus more on their personal entertainment than on relationships. They focus on personal pleasure versus good health. People being led by life almost always choose the easiest route or the task that requires the least amount of work. These people are controlled by others; they don't have control of themselves. They see themselves as a victim or just cruising along with personal happiness as their ultimate goal.

But does the sole pursuit of personal happiness really deliver personal happiness? The answer is "No!" It is the pursuit: of helping others, building relationships, seeking the best in a situation, developing your faith, trusting God, in these things true happiness comes.

Sadly, some of the easiest things to do to become a Life Leader are the easiest things to neglect. Life Leaders turn off the TV to instead read a book. The opposite assume TV or entertainment is a right. Life Leaders evaluate their health because others depend on them to be healthy. The others don't care about their health thinking "It is my body and I can do what I want."
Life Leaders consider others when making decisions. The opposite consider themselves most important.

Life Leaders practice self discipline and self control. Life Leaders are living a life of continuous improvement not a life of continuous decline. In nature and life, there is no status quo. Either things are being made to improve or they are, by nature, declining from order to disorder.

Which way are you going? Are you being led by the nose or are you leading? Be a Life Leader today; make the choice now!!


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